The Top Tips You Need to Achieve InstaGrowth Success on Instagram!  

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network, AND is now the #1 platform for growing your brand presence! 

I have helped countless businesses skyrocket their growth on Instagram (including my own business) when it comes to generating:

💥Greater awareness with their target audience

💥More targeted followers

💥Tons of engagement 

💥Leads for their business that turn into sales

💥And so much more!

This freebie growth guide will help you get started on achieving all of the above. 


You will get a series of emails (four to be exact) over the course of the next week that will address:

🔥How often you should (really) be posting on Instagram

🔥Tips and tricks to gain more followers and grow your engagement

🔥5 exclusive hacks to get leads for your business 

🔥A special unlocked bonus just for being you  

"The Creative Marketing Zone delivers! Eric is great to work with. He gets to know your brand, and develops content that is relevant, authentic and effective. In a few months he has more than doubled our following and engagement on social media.” - Johnny Seikaly, Founder and Chef at Mezze Box DC  

"If you’re looking to skyrocket your business through social media, you need to get in The Creative Marketing Zone. Eric will develop a customized plan just for you that will increase your exposure and your engagement with your followers. If you’re busy running your business and don’t have the time (or inclination) to add social media guru to your resume, The Creative Marketing Zone is your solution!" - Lisa Tucker, Growth Coordinator at Century 21 Redwood Realty

Howdy, I am Eric!

I am super passionate about helping business owners unleash their creative powers to generate greater awareness, engagement, and leads from social media.  

In addition to my podcast, I offer tons of valuable resources, including this freebie Instagram resource guide, an online course for beginners, and social media strategy sessions!

I am also a proud husband and father to three teenage boys - Alvin, Simon, and Theodore (ALVIN!!!) - just kidding, those are their real names.  

Oh, and I am a huge Back to the Future fan (Great Scott!) 1955 --->🔥🔥🔥🚘💥💥💥<--->1985